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We hope to reprint this catalog overview of Michael J. Carey's artwork.

PRE-ORDER 2nd printing MJC softcover CATALOG

SKU: 0007
Reprinting when we get 12 preorders.
  • This gorgeous full color 40 page catalog of Michael's artwork is an  overview of his sculpture and works on paper from 1988 to 2017. This is a limited edition. We hope to reprint this softcover edition when we receive 12 preorders.

  • We offered complimentary hardcover catalogs to collectors of Michael's work, for only as long as our initial print edition is available. These hardcover versions are only available to collectors. We are currently only planniong to reprint the softcover versions.

    Please use our CONTACT form to provide your shipping information and provide a photograph of the piece in your collection with any provenance you have.  (This would be so helpful to me in updating the archives.)

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